Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Eleven

Author’s Note: I’ve reached the point of the story where the characters are disregarding my carefully crafted outline and doing whatever the heck they want. Like, Alek did this thing and… well, you’ll find out. Chapter Eleven – Aleksandar Energy poured through the nexus, the thin veil that separated the planes nothing more than a […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Ten

The air had shifted. First, Solenne noticed the scent of flowers that only bloomed at night. The air felt dry and crackled with static. Tension wound itself through every room in the house, tracing a path down the darkened halls, up the stairs and into the secret, forgotten corners. Author’s Note: This is a long […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Nine

“If he could not have the taste of his mate on his tongue, fresh blood would suffice.” Chapter Nine Solenne “I say!” Colonel Chambers shouted, rearing back as he spotted the creature lurking in the shadowy recess of the library. His cane thumped against the floor as he took a defensive stance. “Miss Marechal, are […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Eight

The beast would take what he wanted and answered to no frail man. Author’s Note: This is very rough. I apologize for all the typos. Chapter Eight Aleksandar  The house remained unchanged in that timeless quality he always associated with the Marechal family. They were a fixed point in his life, staying as they had […]

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Preview Chapter One

Tail, Dark and Handsome COMING OCTOBER 5th Pre Order Available at all Major Stores Author’s Note: This preview of chapter one is unedited. You will find typos (so many typos) and things will probably be tweaked in editing. Chapter One  Marigold “He’s what?”  “Not coming,” her brother said. Joseph’s normal tumble of dark curls had […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Six

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that your decades of experience and knowledge were contained in that eye. I’m so sorry for your loss, but how extraordinary! We should write to the academy in Founding. Top minds will want to examine you—” Author’s Note A bit of a slower chapter after last week’s tooth and […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Five

“Solenne, he reminded himself. No one else. That knowledge pleased the bestial part of his nature.” Author’s Note This is a long one. Enjoy. Chapter Five – Aleksandar   The horses gave a startled cry and the carriage lurched precariously to one side. Wood groaned and Alek shifted to the far side to act as […]

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