Summer Sale

Summer’s here. I think it’s high time for a massive sale on my books that have recently been turned into audio. All the titles are Whispersynced, which means if you buy the book (or already own a copy), you can purchase the audio from Amazon/Audible for $7.49. Don’t use Amazon? No worries. The $0.99 sale […]

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More Outlaw Planet Mates

Alien outlaws to heat up your summer! I wasn’t able to get my next OPM book done in time but it’s coming in October! Scroll down to see all the yummy new alien outlaw books heading your way. VIVIANWhat does it take for a chubby, socially awkward girl to get all the attention? Easy peasy. […]

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Pre Order Caldar

Coming this July! My next book will be included in the Claimed Among the Stars Anthology. Over 50 amazing authors are participating. The proceeds of Claimed Among the Stars will benefit The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation, which serves women and children in the United States and abroad. Read more about the anthology […]

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Rohn now in Audio

NOW IN AUDIO! NARRATED BY LOGAN MCALLISTER, AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR Start Listening! May was such a great month for audio! A lot of project finished all at once, which might have been poor planning on my part. Sorry, not sorry. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER. Nakia may have lost a leg during the Invasion, but […]

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Taken for Granite now in Audio

Finally! Taken for Granite has been my number one requested book to get into audio. Narrated by Christian Stark. This one took a while to cast because someone (I have no idea who) decided that Juniper had a Philly accent and that Tas had a British accent. One person to do both? Impossible. I really […]

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Alien’s Challenge Now in Audio

Art by Ruslana Shybinska. Alien’s Challenge in audio is full of heart stopping action, humor and romance! The narrator did an amazing job. Conan Kennedy had me laughing in the right places and on the edge of seat. And can we talk a minute about the art of Faris and Alice sharing ear buds that […]

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Splintered Shadow Out Now

Today’s the day! Splintered Shadow is out now! Right now it’s available only in KU for 90 days. The paperback version is in the works. THE PORTALS TAKE… So I forgot to update my phone. Big deal. Only there’s a glitch and an app opens a portal to another planet! Because that makes sense. Now I’m stuck […]

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Splintered Shadow Sneak Peek

COMING MAY 9th! Enjoy the first chapter of my upcoming book, Splintered Shadow. It’s part of the multi-author series, Shattered Galaxies. Chapter One  Sarah  Another end to a long day.  The silence of the empty apartment greeted Sarah as dumped her bag and keys at the table next to the front door. Working at a […]

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Shattered Galaxies

I’m so excited to spill the beans on my next book! Shattered Galaxies is a multi-author series coming in May. The books are share the same starting point and go across the galaxy! Introduction to Shattered Galaxies When an elite group of scientists cracked the code on a special artificial intelligence, it began to understand […]

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