Tail Me No Lies is Out Now!

I’m so excited that Nox and Ruth’s story is finally here! This is the book I wrote with long covid, so it was a struggle from the beginning and had a hospital stay in the middle, but it’s done. And I think it’s not half bad. Nox was a ton of fun to write because […]

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Sneak Peek at Tail Me No Lies

I’m in the home stretch for Tail Me No Lies so it’s high time I shared the first chatper with you. The usual warning about typoes and things changing during edits apply. It took me a minute to find this book’s voice, but I’m excited to share Ruth and Nox with you. About Tail Me […]

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Now in Hardback

Have Tail, Will Travel is now available in hardback! This October will mark 5 years of Merit and Kalini and I thought the best way to celebrate would be with a fnacy-schmancy illustrated edition. The fireworks! The eye contact! The tail! Isn’t it gorgous? Courtney “Sugar Gun” James did the art and I am smitten. […]

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Tail and Claw Box Set is Out Now

Now in all major stores! Get three of the biggest, fiercest cinnamon roll heroes in one book! This box set includes: Have Tail, Will Travel Pulled by the Tail Tail, Dark, and Handsome Wives Wanted! Cinnamon roll aliens need mates! Tail and Claw has the sweetest heroes, all growly on the outside and gooey on […]

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Blackthorn Chapter 6

So I’m not entirely thrilled with this chapter but it’s a first draft. Important clues were dropped. Draven was scary and also sort of nice. Well, as nice as he can manage. Anyway, the normal warnigns about typos and things changing applies. I feel in my gut that this chapter it’s going to get some […]

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Wolf’s Bane Has a New Look!

Wolf’s Bane has a new cover and it’s stunning! Phantom Dame really knocked it out of the park. She totally captured Alek’s growly possessiveness. You can follow Phantom Dame on twitter. She had lots of swoony posts. About Wolf’s Bane The monster within him won’t be denied.Since being bitten and cursed to shift into a werewolf every […]

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Alien’s Heart is now in Audio

Narrated by Conan Kennedy. Y’all. Y’all. This is so good. How good? A secondary character I never expected to think of again stole all the scenes and is now demanding his own story. That good. A former prison planet is no place for a soft heart. Perrigaul’s a survivor. He’s also a thief, a con artist, and very […]

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Big red Sweetheart Sale

My big red heroes are on sale for February! The red guy. Again. Emry thought she was done with alien Romeos who made promises and then ditched you, but their paths continued to cross. What’s a girl to do when the same guy keeps turning up like a bad penny? Steal his ship. The wrong thing […]

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Blackthorn Chapter Five

Charlotte finally meets Draven. Forgive the ending. I had a plan but then I got sick and now I’m scratching my head, wondering what the plan had been. I’ll figure it out. Anyway, normal typos, etc. Charlotte The Aerie The Dining Room Lemoine delivered Charlotte to the dining room. The steward barely spoke to Charlotte […]

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