Alien Warlord’s Miracle

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AW Miracle


An alien warrior falls back in time.

Under attack, Reven, crashes through a collapsing wormhole. While he’s technically in the correct location, he’s lost — arriving centuries too early. Surrounded by primitive technology and even more primitive humans, he must fight to stay alive and find a way home before the wormhole closes.

His missions grows more complicated when a widow living on the edge of the moor discovers him in her barn, but she doesn’t faint at the sight of his fearsome horns, she wants to help him.

A woman alone.

Elizabeth rejects the notion that there is a beast prowling the moors at night, stalking its next victim.

Until she sees it with her own eyes. His massive, powerful frame and alien horns should frighten her. But she finds him intriguing and dares to offer him food. In the shelter of her home, she comes to know him and is certain he’s not the monster that the villagers claim.

Elizabeth steals a kiss from the alien beast, binding their hearts together.

As the villagers close in, Reven races to find a way home and save the human female his heart desires. 

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