Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Eighteen

“You’re always with me,” he answered. The pink flush pleased him greater than any material gain or temporary delight of the flesh.

Author’s Note

Hopefully, this chapter delivers all the heat I’ve been teasing. Usually sex scenes get a few passes in revision to amp up the heat. I want to curl those toes! For the purpose of the serial and because I don’t want to make WordPress angry, this is as hot as the serial is going. Full p-in-v sex scenes will be reserved for the published book. And I’ll have the preorder set up as soon as I finish the first draft.

Chapter Eighteen


The household was on alert for their arrival. 

“Send for the doctor,” Alek said, carrying Solenne through to the bathing room. “She requires a bath, clean garments, a meal and more of that tea. Get too it.”

“Bring me my kit,” Solenne added. 

Travers followed Alek into the bathing room. Solenne lowered herself to a bench while he opened the taps. Travers lurked in the doorway with the maid peeking around him.

“Did you not understand my orders?” Alek asked. 

“Sir, this is highly inappropriate. Surely a maid can assist Miss Marechal.”

“Oh, it’s quite alright, Travers. Congratulations are in order. We’re engaged,” Solenne said, speaking over Alek’s grumbled response. 

“Congratulations?” The man looked dubious. 

“Congratulations, miss,” the maid said from behind Travers. 

“Doctor, now,” Alek growled. 

Travers and the maid sprang into action. 

An inspired ancestor had built a practical shelf into the tiles above the cast iron tub. Jars of various salts, bottles of perfumed oil, and canisters of little soap cakes lined the shelf. Alek sniffed the jars and, finding the scent pleasing, dumped in the contents. 

“That’s enough lavender,” Solenne said. 

Filled nearly to the brim, steam rolled off the water. He eased Solenne to the tub’s edge. She ran a hand through the water and nodded, then accepted his help to remove the nightgown. 

He crouched down to remove her boots. Carefully, he peeled away the sock from her swollen ankle. The injury looked serious. 

She lowered herself into the water with a sigh. “Oh, it feels good to take those boots off.” 

“How bad is your foot?”

“Only hurts when I put weight on it. I can move my toes.” She set her injured on the tub’s rim and wiggled her toes. “Nothing broken.”

She reached up for a cake of soap. Alek removed his shirt. The soap leapt from her grasp, landing on the far side of the room. 

Alek grinned, flashing a tiniest bit of tooth, and feeling particularly wolfy. “Can’t have my shirt getting wet, can we? Imagine what Travers will say.” 

She reached up, hooking a finger around the silver chain around his neck. Momentarily the sting of silver eased. He knew his skin was red where the chain rested. “I hate saying the pain this chain causes. Don’t wear this anymore.”

“I barely noticed it,” he said. The sting helped keep him focused. 

“Then it’s not working. Your tattoo.” Her fingers brushed the sun emblem inked over his heart. “Why?”

“You’re always with me,” he answered. The pink flush pleased him greater than any material gain or temporary delight of the flesh. 

He glanced down at the water. 

And he had a lot to take delight in.  

Before, when he removed her bloody clothes, he searched for injury. Keeping her safe and warm had been his top priority, driving all else from his mind. He hadn’t really seen Solenne, admired her curves, her long legs, and the tumble of dark locks. 

It seemed impossible that she wanted him still. 

“The soap?” she asked, snagging his attention. 

“Yes. Stay,” he said, distracted. She laughed while he fetched the errant soap. “Lean forward and I’ll wash your back.”

“That’s unnecessary.”

“We’re engaged,” he replied. 

Her face flushed pink. “I apologize if I was presumptuous. You’re the only one I want to see me like this.” 

“Good. I’m the only one who gets to see you like this or any other way.” Solenne probably meant seeing her in a moment of weakness or vulnerability. Alek was the only one privileged enough to view her bare skin, to appreciate the way the water glistened or her hair clumped in damp strands, clinging to the back of her neck. 

With care, he lathered up her back, scrubbed with a cloth and rinsed away the events of the previous night. Each touch was filled with adoration and promise. This was his mate. She had seen him lost to the beast, with the blood of another on his tongue, and she proclaimed her love. 

For him, of all people. 

He washed and rinsed her hair, which turned the bath water a distressing shade of pink. Letting the filthy water drain, he refilled the tub and continued to wash his beloved. He massaged her tender ankle with a small vial of oil that smelled of lavender. Mindful of each touch, he catalogued her sighs and moans, learning her responses. They were his, too. Only his. 

Finally, he washed her chest. With the same meticulous care, he lathered her shoulders and chest. He gently cupped her breasts, massaging the soap into a froth. Buff colored nipples hardened. She arched into his touch. 

Alek leaned forward, capturing her lips with his own. 

“If you want me to stop, I will,” he said, when he pulled away. 

“Please, don’t stop.” Water sloshed over the sides as she leaned back. 

Starting at her feet, he worked his way up her injured calf. The skin at the edge of the claw marks were red and swollen. Fortunately, they were not deep. She watched him with a slightly dazed look, her lips swollen and begging for another kiss. 

Satisfied the claw marks were clean, he switched to her other leg. Soapy hands skimmed up her legs, creeping closure to the juncture of her thighs. 

“May I?” he asked, hand nearly but not touching her there. 

“Yes, please,” she breathed. 

Crouched at the edge of the tub, he positioned himself for a better angle. 

Solenne jolted at his touch. “Sorry,” she said, cheeks flush. “New sensation.”

“You’ve never?”

“No, I have.” She bit her bottom lip, then her eyes gleamed, like she arrived at a decision to be bold. “You were with me then, too.”

“Oh?” This he wanted to hear more about. He touched her again, fingers encountering a tangle of hair and her silken folds. 

“Alek,” she moaned, sinking back. 

“Let me be perfectly frank,” he said, fingers stroking her folds, “I have loved you in some capacity since the moment we met.” 

Her gaze locked on his. Gently circling her tender bundle of nerves, he captured her mouth. Water drenched the floor. 

“You’re mine, Solenne. You always have been.” He probed her entrance, finding it hot and tight. She tensed, then relaxed as he continued to stroke and tease. “You ground me. When we were apart, the memory of you kept me whole. You are my anchor. My friend. My love. My heart.”

He worked his finger into her. She bit back a moan. Water drenched the floor as he worked another finger in. She was tight beyond belief and warm. Muscles clenched around him as he crooked his fingers, hitting that special spot. Her hips shot up and splashed back down, driving an enormous wave of water over the edge of the tub. The floor was in ruin and there would be no doubt about what they had gotten up to. He didn’t care. 

Solenne was his. 

He had tried to wait, to do the right thing and honorable thing, but that had only led to wasted years. 

“I should have come for you,” he said. “I never should have let anyone keep us apart. I’m sorry, love.”

“You should be,” she managed to say. 

Alek was of the opinion that if she managed to say anything at the moment, he was doing a poor job of it. His fingers moved from her clit to plunge back inside, working a hard rhythm. She might have been inexperienced, but she met each thrust with enthusiasm. 

“I can’t wait to have you on my bed, spread out for me, a feast for me. I’m going to eat every morsel of you, love,” 

“Yes, Alek.” Her back arched again and her feet braced against the side of the tub kicked, knocking over a basket of assorted washcloths. Her channel clutched him tight, pulsing with her climax. 

He listened to her heart as her pulse and breath evened out. 

Thump. Thump. Thump. 

His heart. His love. His radiant daylight.  


Alek carried her to her bedroom, which was humiliating enough, but Travers’s knowing look made her flush with embarrassment. Thank the heavens that her father and Luis had yet to return. 

He pushed open the door with his shoulder. The room was not grand by any means, furnished with century old furniture and cluttered with books and notebooks on every available surface. A decrepit green velvet chair sat under the south-facing windows, the bottom sagging and the velvet worn away on the arms. The windows let in enough natural light that she only required a lamp on the dreariest of days. 

“It’s not much,” she said, aware that Alek had not been in her bedchamber since they were children. 

Once safely settled on the bed, the book on the nightstand grabbed his attention. “Page 72?” He flipped through the pages before turning to the marked page and read the passage. His brows lifted. “Well, that’s certainly something to aspire to.”

Doctor Webb’s examination was thorough and efficient. The entire time, she worried that he would know what she and Alek had done in the bath. If the doctor had any suspicion, he kept that to himself. The maid who delivered a breakfast tray, however, gave Solenne a knowing wink. 

The claw marks on her legs would scar, but it did no lasting damage to the muscles. Her ankle, however, was badly sprained. She was to have several days’ bedrest, put no weight on it whatsoever, and he’d know if she defied his orders. 

“Do not worry. I’ll keep her in bed,” Alek said. When the doctor turned to pack up his bag, Alek licked his lips and winked. Solenne nearly spilled her tea in a coughing fit.

“Sorry. I swallowed poorly,” she said, grimacing at the lame excuse. 

“Absolute bed rest,” Doctor Webb  warned a last time. Alek locked the door as the he left. 

She cleared the plates, barely tasting the meal as Alek occupied so much of her attention. Her mind kept spinning about what they did in the bath, what it meant, and his announcement of their engagement. Her proposal had been sincere, but she had not expected Alek to agree so quickly. She had been prepared to fight against whatever arguments he had to decline. 

It was silly to feel disappointment at not having an argument. Simply silly. She loved Alek, always had and always would. His affliction changed nothing. He returned her sentiment, touched her, and had been inside her. So the matter was settled. 

Well, they still had to break the news to her father, so she’d get her argument after all. 

Eventually she realized how intensely Alek watched her eat. 

“Are you going to eat? There’s more than enough for two,” she said, the slice of buttered toast with honey hovering at her mouth. 

He took the slice of toast from her hands, leaned in, and licked the honey from her lips. “I plan on eating,” he growled, and she ached at his tone. 

Carefully he moved the tray to the floor, knelt at the edge of the bed by her knees. Instinctively she parted them, making room for him. 

“Aleksandar, what are you doing?” she asked, though she knew. 

“Is this not in your dirty little book?” He lifted her nightgown, exposing her bare thighs, and pushed open her legs further. 

“Page 34.” She read it several times and made notes. 

He chuckled, because he saw the highlighted passages when he flipped through. His fingers brushed the gusset of her undergarment, then pushed the fabric to one side. “You will no longer wear these. I want nothing between us,” he said. 

Before she could protest, he gave the undergarment a tug, tearing the thin fabric. 

“Oh,” she breathed. He pulled her forward, and she fell to her back. “Oh!”

He leaned to the juncture of her thighs and breathed. She felt a moment’s self consciousness about hair and smell, but none of that seemed to bother Alek. He kissed the soft flesh of her inner thigh, working his way from her knee back to her sex. 

She tensed. 

“Relax,” he murmured, switching to her other thigh. His kisses lulled and soothed her. She forgot about her awkwardness, inexperience, and focused on the sensation of him touching her. His breath heating her skin. His lips caressing her flesh. Her fingers tangled in his hair. 

“I imagined this,” she said, eyes closed and voice breathy. 

“You touched yourself thinking of me?” Hot breath gusted on her most sensitive area. 

“Yes. So many nights.” During her brief stay at university, frustrated and tired of waiting, she tried to form an attachment with another. Every man there paled to Alek. No one piqued her interest that way, and she developed a rather robust fantasy life to satisfy her needs. 

“I’ve imagined this as well,” he said, before leaning in. 

His tongue, hot and wet, lapped at her inner folds. She jolted at the unfamiliar sensation. Not odd or unpleasant, but new and unexpected. Breathing out, she closed her eyes and let herself drift. Distantly, she was aware of the sound of his trousers being opened. 

Alek growled against her sex, licking and sucking like a starved man. Her thighs trembled. Her fingers twisted in his perpetually messy hair. Before she could ask for mercy, her hips lifted as her climax broke. She was overheated and shivering at once, her flesh too sensitive. 

“Gorgeous,” Alek breathed, licking his lips. He rose to his feet, stroking his member. Thick ad veiny, his cock stood proud in a thatch of dark hair. 

Solenne slid to her knees, kneeling before him with her hands on his hips. She was fuzzy and tingling all over, flush with warmth, and she wanted Alek to feel the same. 

His hand stroked from the base of his cock up to the head, testing around the head. His thumb smeared the leaking fluid across the head. Her mouth watered, wanting to taste. 

“Did you fantasize about sucking my cock?” he asked. 

“Yes,” she breathed. “So many times.”

“Have a taste.”

She opened her mouth obediently and her lips closed around his pre-cum coated thumb. The fluid was salty but not unpleasant, much like Alek himself. “More,” she said. 

He obliged, feeding her his length slowly. She licked the skin, relishing his salty taste, before swallowing the head. Her tongue swirled around, unsure what to do. She watched him for direction, but his eyes closed with a look of pure bliss. 

With one hand, she held the base of his cock. Wet from her saliva, she worked the hand up and down, imitating how Alek stroked himself. 

Using her other hand, she cupped his testicles. They were… odd. Warm, soft and lumpy at the same time. The skin immediately contracted, growing dense and harder. She gave a light squeeze and Alek groaned. 

He tapped her head. “Solenne, I won’t last.”

Encouraged, she increased her pace. His member pulsed and his fingers twisted into her hair. His body tensed and her mouth flooded with his salty release. She pulled back, unsure what to do. The substance was more substantial than water, not so thick, hardly had a taste at all. 

She swallowed. 

Alek eyes gleamed violet before he blinked, and they returned to his velvety brown. “My love,” he breathed with utter reverence. 

They stayed like that for some minutes; him stroking her hair and she nuzzling into skin at his hip. The golden thread between them sang, filled with joy and contentment. She didn’t want the moment to end. The sounds of the house drifted up through the floor. A soft breeze through the open window carried in the sounds of someone’s arrival in the courtyard. 

If she listened close enough, she could hear his heart. 

“You need to rest,” he sat, breaking the silence. 

“I’m resting.”

“Doctor’s orders.”

“Only if you stay with me,” she said, batting her lashing and giving her all at a sultry glance. 

Alek looked as if he would deny her, then nodded. He helped her back into the bed, careful to avoid any weight on her injured foot, and elevated said foot on a pillow. He leaned over her, caging her in with his muscular arms, and gently kissed her. Sweet and soft. She wondered if she was still asleep in the stone circle and dreamed the last few hours. 

“Let me bathe. I’m filthy. I’ll ruin the clean sheets,” he said. 

A fist pounded on the door. Alek tensed, as if he might fly out the window lest he be caught by a wrathful father and ruin her reputation. 

She grabbed his hand, unwilling to let him leave. She loved him, but he had a dramatic noble streak that made him act a fool. “Stay,” she whispered. 

“Solenne, have you seen Alek?” Luis asked through the door. 

“Go away, Luis. I’m trying to sleep,” Solenne answered. 

“I must find him. Chambers has trapped the beast in his barn.” 

Copyright 2020 Nancey Cummings

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