Paax is now in audio!

I’m so excited! You won’t believe how great a job Logan McAllister does! His voice is amazing.

The book is short, just under 3 hours, so it’s perfect for an afternoon’s listening. This is first book in the series and plans are in the works for Kalen, Mylomon and Vox to be given the audio treatment, as well. (I’ve listened to the first 15 minutes of Kalen and Logan NAILS Daisy’s voice.)


The situation in his clan was dangerous for a hardened warrior, let alone a soft Human female without fangs or claws to defend herself. Sending her back to Earth was the only way to keep her safe.

However, the moment the curvaceous woman stepped off the transporter, his tattoo burned with a passionate intensity he’d never experienced before. Paax knew he would do anything to protect her, to claim her, even challenge the clan’s violent Warlord.

No force in the universe would take his mate from him.

Matched to an alien warrior in the Draft, Mercy swore she’d do whatever it took to get out of the marriage contract. She liked her life on Earth and her independence. No one would take it away, not even the ridiculously hot warrior who demanded she call him husband.

Why is being claimed by the horned muscular alien the only thing she can think about?

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