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Mari has terrible taste in men.

Her ex-fiancé? Left her at the altar and ran off with her money. And now she’s mixed up with the reclusive mega-rich, mega-hot alien, Winter Cayne.

That doesn’t sound so bad. Only rumor claims Winter murdered his first wife. Mari can’t reconcile the stories of a possessive, jealous man and the protective single dad that she met on a tropical planet. He wants to bring her home and claim her as his mate.

With the mystery surrounding the death of his first wife, can Mari risk being wife number two?

Reclusive Winter lives with shadows and secrets until a human female who is relentless optimism and pure sunshine crashes into his life. His kit needs a mother and he needs a mate to rehabilitate his public image. She needs to pay off a notorious money lender.

One year and he’ll let her leave.

He lied.

Narrated by Jay Alder.

Tail, Dark & Handsome is medium burn romance with a single dad, a broken hearted woman, and a kit determined to play matchmaker. No cheating and no cliffhangers.

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