What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Because we’ve got FIVE blind dates lined up for you!

Earlier in the year, some of my writer friends decided that we wanted to write a holiday book around the same premise: a blind date with an alien. And look at the results! I’m so excited to have worked on this with some of my favorite authors!

Honey Phillips, Susan Trombley, Jeanette Lynn, Marina Simcoe and me!

Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib.

Peaceable needs a man to get her parents off her tail and stop their matchmaking. Desperate, she blurts out a made-up, surprise engagement to the worst, most aggravating man in the galaxy: Joseph Moonquest.

Instant. Regret.

The problem is that Joseph is the most insufferable, arrogant and wildly attractive human male she’s ever met. Worse still, he takes news of their surprise engagement in stride.

He’ll play her games.

Joseph and the stunning alien woman have been circling each other for months. Peaceable is the least fun, most goody-two shoes person he knows. She’s so prim and proper, colder than the stars in deep space.
He might ask why she’s so desperate for a fake fiancé but he’ll enjoy tempting and teasing the uptight alien. She’s the one woman he’s never been able to charm. He’ll melt that icy exterior and make her come undone.

Her little lie? He’ll play along until she’s at his mercy and the fussy female is in his bed.

He’ll be the best fake fiancé in the cosmos.

Game on.

Double date to celebrate a new year on Neron sounds like an adventure, especially when my blind date belongs to a little-known alien race.
As the lead flight attendant of a spaceship, I spend my life traveling. And the new year’s celebration finds me on Neron, an entirely new-to-me planet.
My blind date, an alien from the planet Aldrai, is huge, strong, and slightly intimidating. But he also turns out to be charming and easygoing, with an intriguing secret tail he keeps hidden from view.
I sense Greyx is what heartache is made of. And I avoid taking risks in my life. Including risking my heart.
When fate brings us together again, hell breaks loose. Crazy, impossible things start to happen and now, there’s nothing I can do to stop life as I know it from spinning out of control.
I find myself in a mysterious facility on a dying planet run by green, four-legged aliens with sinister motivations. And I’m not sure about Greyx’s involvement in their scheme.
Can I trust him to get me out of this?
Can I afford not to?
Do I even have a choice?


My bestie, Valerie, offered to hook me up with a quirky oddball of a man she met at the gas station where she works. She insisted that he would be perfect for me, because he’s into the paranormal so much that he has modified his appearance to look like a vampire, complete with fangs, pointed ears, and inhuman eyes. She knows I love anything paranormal or supernatural—or just plain weird—and honestly, her description of Vincent certainly had me intrigued.

Though she managed to talk me into taking Vincent to her New Year’s Eve bash as my blind date, I had my reservations, but one of my New Year’s resolutions was to take risks and try new things in an effort to live my life to its fullest, instead of just existing. Starting that resolution early seemed to pay off when I met my date. Vincent turned out to be as gorgeous as she’d described, and his body modifications were certainly as unusual as she’d promised.

Then he took me back to his place, and I discovered that his body wasn’t modified at all. He’s not pretending to be a vampire.

He is one—and an alien one at that!

It’s almost time for the next revolution! The next big turn… The signal of the end, and fresh start of, another rotation (year)of that big old ball filled with space lizards The Port orbits.

The creatures of The Port are gathering for the Cyclical Rotation Advancement Proceedings. This C.R.A.P. is a Port ordered tradition to the beings that call The Port home. To a Human of the Terras Cluster, you might call this New Year’s Eve. And as the Cyclical Rotation Advancement Proceedings happen to be occurring during the Celestial Eclipse, which involves the Port tradition of the Celestial Eclipse Embrace, it’s kind of a big deal.

For Clio, a relative newcomer to this whole living outside of your own homeworld business, this will be her first double event. The vat born incu-Human is just dying to C.E.E. this C.R.A.P. happen., bah-dum-tss.

A bit of an outsider on her home planet and thankful she’s finding a sense of self and home here on The Port, she plans to let herself live the night to its fullest, embrace the spaceport and all of its varied, intriguing traditions. The possibilities are endless.

What starts out as a fun night with coworkers, dinner and then dancing as the Port’s adopted tradition of the Blue Planeter’s of that bright, glittering ball drop is observed, that potential promise of more, the ever romantic, if realistic, Clio is waylaid by a New Year’s Kizss.

What’s a Kizss? An old Natharin tradition still practiced by some sects and subspecies of conservative space lizard men where a male interested in pursing a female, with the intent to court and if both parties are amenable mate them, begins.

The only problem with this New Year’s Kizss? Clio can’t seem to figure out exactly who this secretive, stealthy New Year’s sneak kisser is!

With unforeseen complications gumming up the works as Clio finds herself swept off her feet by a faceless beau, it’s another Blind Date With An Alien, crazy antics of a Natharin bent on getting the gal, and all the kooky fun that comes along with it.

Can a desperate woman and a lonely alien work together to defeat an unknown enemy?

A new year should be a time for new hope, but this year, Meg finds it hard to be optimistic. Betrayal and bad luck threaten everything she has worked for. And although she would never admit it, she’s lonely on her isolated farm.

Desperate to find help, she visits an old friend and reluctantly agrees to a blind date. But her big, quiet alien date sparks an almost forgotten desire, and she gives in for one reckless night.

Roardon Is used to being alone. Other species regard his race with fear and suspicion. His brief encounter with a strong, beautiful female leaves him wanting more, but she disappears without a trace.

When she appears again at the auction for contract workers, he hopes his luck has finally changed. A lack of other options forces her to hire him, and he’s delighted at the chance to spend more time with her, despite the suspicion he can see on her face.

But Meg is in more trouble than she knows and the only way to save her may be to reveal his darkest secret – and lose her forever.This sweet and steamy romance is intended for a mature audience only.

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