Shattered Galaxies

I’m so excited to spill the beans on my next book!

Shattered Galaxies is a multi-author series coming in May. The books are share the same starting point and go across the galaxy!

Introduction to Shattered Galaxies

When an elite group of scientists cracked the code on a special artificial intelligence, it began to understand emotion and the mechanics to maintain itself. An A.I. as close to a human as humanly possible.

It was a mistake.

With unmeasured reach, it searched for other lifeforms, hoping to expand its knowledge about the universe beyond the boundaries its creators established.

The scientists shut it down before it could spiral into something they couldn’t stop. The group went silent, shutting themselves off from the public as they set out to rebuild, hoping to regain control over their greatest creation.

The world moved on, the possibility of a special A.I. once more reserved for science fiction.

Until, a year later, it all went wrong.

The portals take…

So I forgot to update my phone. Big deal. Who actually does that? Only, there’s a glitch and my 69G phone opened a portal to another planet! Because that makes sense. #TechFail. Also, rude.

Now I’m stuck on an alien planet with Grumpy McGrumperson. He’s got these tattoos that move over his skin and he can shift into a giant raven. I mean, sure, he’s hot and he saved me from being eaten by a pack of monsters, but I don’t trust anything about this place, let alone a grumpy alien, and I’m going to find a way home.

The portals give…

The female belongs to the king. The stars delivered her and the royal mark is inked into her skin. She is destined for greatness. Then why did I, the blind prince, find her?

Now that I have her, I refuse to let her go. She is my fate, my mate and my destiny.


Featured Authors in the Shattered Galaxies collab series.

Nancey Cummings, Book 1-Splintered Shadows
Ava Ross, Book 2- Ravaged World
Jade Waltz, Book 3- Scattered Petals
Samantha Rose, Book 4- Fractured Waves
Poppy Rhys, Book 5- Crushed Dominion
Harpie Alexa, Book 6-Broken Song
Liz Paffel, Book 7-Destroyed Desire
Erin Raegan Book 8-Jagged Honor

Check out the entire series!

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