Splintered Shadow Out Now

Today’s the day! Splintered Shadow is out now!

Right now it’s available only in KU for 90 days. The paperback version is in the works.


So I forgot to update my phone. Big deal. Only there’s a glitch and an app opens a portal to another planet! Because that makes sense.

Now I’m stuck on an alien planet with a grumpy prince. His eyes turn black when he’s upset. He can manipulate the shadows and grow a pair of massive inky wings. I mean, sure, he’s hot, and he saved me from a pack of monsters, but I don’t trust anything about this place, let alone a surly alien.

I’m going to find a way home.


Fate delivered this odd, soft female to me. The royal mark is inked into her skin. She is meant for greatness. Then why did I, the half-blind prince, find her?

Now that I have her, I refuse to let her go. She is my fate, my mate, and my destiny.

Start Reading Now!

FEATURED AUTHORS IN THE SHATTERED GALAXIES COLLAB SEhttps://nanceycummings.com/shattered-galaxies/RIES.
  • Nancey Cummings, Book 1-Splintered Shadows
  • Ava Ross, Book 2- Ravaged World
  • Jade Waltz, Book 3- Scattered Petals
  • Samantha Rose, Book 4- Fractured Waves
  • Poppy Rhys, Book 5- Crushed Dominion
  • Harpie Alexa, Book 6-Broken Song
  • Liz Paffel, Book 7-Destroyed Desire
  • Erin Raegan Book 8-Jagged Honor

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