Taken for Granite now in Audio

Finally! Taken for Granite has been my number one requested book to get into audio.

Narrated by Christian Stark.

This one took a while to cast because someone (I have no idea who) decided that Juniper had a Philly accent and that Tas had a British accent. One person to do both? Impossible.

I really enjoyed listened to Christian’s performance. Proofreading was no burden at all.

Start Listening Now!

To celebrate, here’s a new image of Juniper and Tas, drawn by Bloodwrit.

Art by Bloodwrit

Captured, starved and blinded, Tas hates humans. For eighty agonizing years, he’s plotted all the gruesome ways to exact his vengeance. Then one day his captors make a fatal mistake. When the door to his cage opens, he’s ready to destroy the human on the other side.

But a different instinct takes over when he scents the female. His mouth waters and his fangs ache, demanding he make the fearless female his.


Juniper owes a lot of money to a very bad man and unless she does what he wants, he’ll hurt her kid.

To clear her debt, all she has to do is drive a van and not ask questions. But when she hears a voice in the back, she realizes she may not only be a thief but also a kidnapper, and that’s where she draws the line.

What she finds in the back isn’t the loot she expected, but it also isn’t a person.

It’s a gargoyle… who intends to claim her as his mate.

Start listening now!

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