More Outlaw Planet Mates

Alien outlaws to heat up your summer! I wasn’t able to get my next OPM book done in time but it’s coming in October! Scroll down to see all the yummy new alien outlaw books heading your way.

What does it take for a chubby, socially awkward girl to get all the attention? Easy peasy. Just get kidnapped from Earth and thrown onto an alien planet. Since landing here, I’ve been fought over by every single alien I’ve met. Even the local wildlife want a taste.

The one who has me now is terrifying. He’s huge, red, and looks like a demon—complete with a pointy tail! His touch does strange things to my body, and that’s even worse than being scared.

All I wanted was to get the human female off my mountain. I’m not interested in having a mate; I’m very happy living alone. But the more time I spend with Vivian, the more I realize I can never let her go.

What starts out as a chore to get back my peace and quiet becomes a race to win my mate. I might not be the warrior I once was, but my mate makes me whole, and I’ll do anything to keep her.

This sweet and steamy novella is set in the Outlaw Planet Mates universe and can be read as a standalone.

The hot alien just happen to be in the right place at the right time to rescue me.

Delaina works in a small dive serving drinks and food for the weary alien travelers. Since the crash landing on Reazus Prime, she’s forged a simple survival living life day by day. That is until Carx shows up.

The green alien kidnaps her from her comfortable simple life!

The crash landing on an alien planet should’ve been the last moments of my life. Until three cat aliens save me, then hunt me, and now they claim I’m their hard won princess. Nothing is expected on this outlaw planet…

Being a princess to a small kingdom of cat aliens wasn’t on my bucket list. I led a fairly uneventful life before this as a small town country girl who worried about putting gas in the tank, not mating rites or ruling a kingdom.

However, these possessive, sometimes feral alien princes are impossible to ignore. They won me as their princess and they’re never letting go, no matter what threat is chasing me. I’m starting to think choice isn’t an option when it comes to fate.

Aliens’ Princess is a standalone book in the Outlaw Planet Mates series. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

The sexy alien hunk looks like a romance book hero from another world…

One moment, I’m sunbathing at the lake and reading a steamy romance book. I’m just about to get to the good bits when aliens abduct me—in nothing but my bikini!
In the blink of an eye, I find myself on an outlaw planet, surrounded by a group of bug-like aliens who intend to sell me. While I might’ve wished for an escape from reality, I definitely didn’t mean this!
When a lizard-like alien with rippling muscles enters the Kratak’s ship, my odds may have turned. He sweeps me off my feet and rescues me…
Or wait, does he? What does he mean he’s going to auction me?!

The luscious human female is my captive. I cannot grow attached.

There’s nothing on Reazus Prime but death and outlaws. I need to get out, and I think I’ve found a way. But when the Kratak go back on their word and demand a human female before they’ll accept me on their ship, I’ve had enough.
I do what they want. I steal a female. Theirs.
Now, the Kratak are after me and my trip off the planet got a new deadline. The soft, alluring human female is my ticket out. But when my third heart starts beating, I know I’m in trouble.
How could I sell my own mate?

Angie – All I wanted was to travel the world. My world. Not some alien planet that’s trying to kill me at every step.

One minute, I’m admiring the pyramids, the next, I’m being abducted by aliens. Then something goes horribly wrong, and my pod crashes on the most hostile island. And right on top of another alien’s ship!
Thev is a massive wall of green-skinned muscle, all covered in tribal tattoos. Oh, and he has long, sharp tusks! Basically, he looks like an orc from fantasy movies, but when I tell him that, he disagrees. He says he’s a Zokunian, not an orc. And he also says I’m in his way, and he’s on a mission.
I hate it that I have to beg him to help me. What I don’t hate is the Zokunian custom of going around shirtless.

Thev’rar – My mission is to find my sister, bring her home, make her queen, and then follow my calling to become a priest.
That means I will never take a mate, a fate I’m resigned to because I haven’t found the other half of my soul, and I’m too old and it’s too late.
When tiny, curvy, rosy-cheeked Angie literally crashes on top of me, I’m determined to ignore her and mind my own business. But she’s sweet, enticing, and oh-so-human! The more time I spend with her, the more I start questioning what I thought was my destiny.

AND… coming in October…

A former prison planet is no place for a soft heart. 

Perrigaul’s a survivor. He’s also a thief, a con artist, and very occasionally a murder. What he is not is a nanny, yet here he is stuck with an impossibly tempting human female. 

Miriam is soft and kindhearted and completely unsuitable for this outlaw planet. 

How can Perrigaul keep her safe from the worst the planet has to offer? Especially himself?

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