Splintered Shadow now in Audio

Narrated by Christian Stark.

Splintered Shadow is now in audio! I had a blast listening to the finished product. It’s a little weird blushing at the spicy scenes that you wrote, I have to say.

Available wherever you like to get your audiobooks. Googleplay and Libro.fm are a little slow listing the book, but it’s on its way.

Start Listening!

The portals take…

So I forgot to update my phone. Big deal. Only there’s a glitch and an app opens a portal to another planet! Because that makes sense.

Now I’m stuck on an alien planet with a grumpy prince. His eyes turn black when he’s upset. He can manipulate the shadows and grow a pair of massive inky wings. I mean, sure, he’s hot, and he saved me from a pack of monsters, but I don’t trust anything about this place, let alone a surly alien.

I’m going to find a way home.

The portals give…

Fate delivered this odd, soft female to me. The royal mark is inked into her skin. She is meant for greatness. Then why did I, the half-blind prince, find her?

Now that I have her, I refuse to let her go. She is my fate, my mate, and my destiny.

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