Warriors of Sangrin Box Set #2 Now in Audio

If you were saving your audio credits, now the time to use it! The Warriors of Sangrin Box Set Volume Two contains FOUR complete audiobooks and is over 27 of listening goodness.

Narrated by Logan McAllister.

Start listening now!


Alien warriors need women and Earth needs protection from invasion. The price? Brides.
Continue the adventure in the Warlord Brides universe with growly, protective alien warriors who will do anything for their mates. 

Warlord’s Baby: What to expect when you’re expecting an alien’s baby. Mercy has been pregnant for-freaking-ever. She’s tired and grumpy and ready to get this kid out of her. Of course, being adored by her alien warlord husband is awesome but she hasn’t seen her feet in a month. And she can’t get over this sneaking suspicion that there’s something Paax isn’t telling her… Just as Mercy needs Paax the most, tension within the clan pulls them apart. He’s nowhere to be found when she goes into labor. 

Seeran: He never lost control. Responsible for the security of his clan and warlord, he couldn’t afford distraction or attachment. Then, on a Terran beach, he stumbled upon a male assaulting a female. The ice that ran through his veins turned to fire. The frightened female is his mate. Whatever control he’d possessed snapped in a moment of recklessness, and he hoped that was all he’d lost. Hazel shouldn’t desire the terrifying alien. She’d just escaped a disastrous marriage with a violent man, so how could she fall for a growling soldier who punched first and asked questions later? Why did his arms feel like the safest place in the universe? Her gut said to trust Seeran, but her intuition had failed her so many times before. 

Rohn: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Nakia may have lost a leg during the Invasion, but she’s not going to let that keep her from what she wants. And she wants Rohn. She has since the moment the alien warrior rescued her from a collapsed building. But she’s afraid he still only perceives her as a damaged, frail human. She wants him to recognize her as so much more, and she won’t rest until he understands they belong together. Rohn might be past his prime, but he’s not blind. He sees how the other males look at his mate with envy, admiration, and want. They would tempt her away from him, take her for their own, and claim that an old, scarred warrior like him could not satisfy the appetite of a vibrant young female. He’ll battle any threat to his mate, friend or foe, and prove himself worthy. 

Jaxar: Once bitten, twice shy. Vanessa knows what aliens want—babies— and she’s not having it. She’ll change her name, change her ID chip, and hunker down on a miserable moon on the far side of the galaxy before she gets matched to an alien brute. Again. Jaxar knows that Vanessa is the one for him but he needs time to convince her. With the clock ticking, he’ll do anything to claim her reluctant heart. Even steal her. 

Contains four complete stories, each with a HEA and growly, possessive alien warrior: Warlord’s Baby Seeran Rohn Jaxar

Start listening now!

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