Blackthorn Serial

I’m starting a new serial! Blackthorn follows the events of Wolf’s Bane, so now is the perfect time to catch up. And I must warn you that this will be unedited and things will change before the final version is released.

About Blackthorn

The monster’s widow and the monster. 

Alone for too long, the vampire Draven feels the last of his humanity slipping away. He needs a mate to anchor him and keep the monster at bay. 

Newly widowed, Charlotte needs a fresh start and she can’t resist the chance to speak with one of the oldest creatures on the planet.

How often will Blackthorn update?

I don’t know. I’ll post chapters as I go but I have no hard schedule.

But I want to start reading now.

Well, I haven’t witten anything yet. The plan is for Blackthorn to by NaNoWriMo project this year. And Nano rules are that you can’t start writing until November. No cheating.

What’s this about Wolf’s Bane

Wolf’s Bane was the serial I did in 2020. It’s a space regency adventure with werewolves, childhood friends to lovers, fated mates, second chances, and plenty of beig stalked by monsters in the moonlight.

The monster within him won’t be denied.

Since being bitten and cursed to shift into a werewolf every full moon, Aleksandar has lived in exile. Until he receives a letter from Solenne, the woman he promised his heart to years ago. She’s the only thread that keeps him anchored in the chaos, the only memory that keeps him sane. Now she is in danger.

He must protect her from creatures that stalk her family, but how can he protect her from himself?

She needs a monster hunter.
She got a monster.

Start reading now!

That’s it? You’re just going to tease us and give us nothing?

Well, not nothing.

Ruslana Shybinska brought Draven, the vampire to life. I adore my sexy space vampire so much.

You can follow the artist on her twitter.

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