2022 in Review

It’s that time again when I look back on the good stuff that happened and try to plan the year ahead.

A lot of really cool things happened this year, in addition to some bad.

First, I made the USA Today bestseller list! I released four new books and 6 audiobooks! I dipped my toes in forgein translations! I worked on another interactive story game! I started a new serial! Frankly, I was busy.

Which gets to the bad. In September, I caught covid. It really did a number on me and now I’m dealing with long covid. Pushing out the last book of the year was really difficult between brain fog and exhaustion. I have to slow down. There’s no alternative. That means I have to be realistic and not optimistic (like I usually am) about my schedule for 2023. Deadlines will be flexible. Pre order dates will change. And I’m only going to focus on writting fewer books, not my usual 4. If four happens, then that’s a bonus, but the a book-ever-three-months schedule is too much for me right now.

Still, I have some pretty cool things planned for next year.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened this year.

Another goal I set for this year was to buy more art. Ya’ll, I totally smashed it. Easiest goal ever.

I really love seeing the people who live in my head come alive on paper (or digital paper). Frankly, I’m awed by artists and how they can turn my pile of inspiration images and vague discriptions into amazing pieces.

The artists are, in no particular order:

Ruslana Shybinska


Abby Ryan






Phantom Dame

And there’s a couple of smexy pieces on the NSFW Art page.

What’s coming in 2023? More audio, more translations, another special edition, and a favorite older series is going to fresh new covers. PLUS a new book for Tail and Claw, the follow up to Splintered Shadow, more of the Blackthorn serial, and a Halloween surprise.

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