Alien’s Heart is now in Audio

Narrated by Conan Kennedy.

Y’all. Y’all. This is so good. How good? A secondary character I never expected to think of again stole all the scenes and is now demanding his own story. That good.

A former prison planet is no place for a soft heart.

Perrigaul’s a survivor. He’s also a thief, a con artist, and very occasionally a murderer. What he is not is a nanny, yet here he is stuck with an impossibly tempting human female.

Miriam is soft and kindhearted and completely unsuitable for this outlaw planet.

How can Perrigal keep her safe from the worst the planet has to offer? How can he keep her safe from him?

Available now in all major stores.

And because this drawing is awesome, here’s Miriam and Perigaul. Art by Ruslana Shybinska.

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