Wolf’s Bane Has a New Look!

Wolf’s Bane has a new cover and it’s stunning! Phantom Dame really knocked it out of the park. She totally captured Alek’s growly possessiveness.

You can follow Phantom Dame on twitter. She had lots of swoony posts.

About Wolf’s Bane

The monster within him won’t be denied.
Since being bitten and cursed to shift into a werewolf every full moon, Aleksandar has lived in exile. Until he receives a letter from Solenne, the woman he promised his heart to years ago. She’s the only thread that keeps him anchored in the chaos, the only memory that keeps him sane. Now she is in danger. He must protect her from creatures that stalk her family, but how can he protect her from himself?

She needs a monster hunter.
She got a monster.

Wolf’s Bane is available in ebook and in paperback.

And just cause, Wolf’s Bane is on sale for $0.99 for this week!

Have another graphic, because I’m really smitten with the art work.

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