Hunted by Moonlight Serial

A periodic serial, hopefully updated once a week.

A cursed wolf stalks the valley. 

Solenne’s family has protected their village from evil for generations but when her father is gravely injured, she is forced to call upon the one man who knows what’s at stake if they lose. The same man who broke her heart. 

A cursed man. 

Aleksandar has a secret. Bitten by the very monsters Solenne’s family has sworn to destroy, he is no longer in control as he shifts into a horrible creature. Determined to protect the woman he loves, he will do anything, even if it means breaking her heart. Again.

As the full moon approaches, however, Aleksandar may not have a choice. The beast wants a mate, and it has a taste for Solenne.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Author’s Note

This serial is an alpha draft, though it has received some line edits by my amazingly talented editor, Aaron at Edited AF. He was super cool when I explained my idea and asked to send him a few chapters at a time. Most editors only want to deal with a finished manuscript.

Any mistakes and typos are entirely mine.