Hunted by Moonlight Serial

A periodic serial, hopefully updated once a week.

A human colony lost in space.

A century ago, colonists crashed on a distant planet. Technology failed and strange energies caused catastrophic mutations. Now every generation slips away from science, into superstition and darkness.

Solenne survives among the broken relics of the past, trying to protect her family from the mutated beasts that wax and wane with the moon. When her father is seriously injured, she turns to the one man she swore never to speak to again. The man who kissed her, vowed he’d return and broke her heart.

Can this be their second chance?

A man lost to the beast.

Since being bitten and cursed to shift into a werewolf every full moon, Aleksandar has lived in exile.

Until he receives a letter from Solenne, the woman he promised his heart to years ago. She’s the only thread that keeps him anchored in the chaos, the only memory that keeps him sane.

He must protect her from creatures that stalk her family, but how can he protect her from himself?

The monster within him won’t be denied.

The beast will have his bride.

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Coming December 26th!

Hunted by Moonlight has a new name and a new cover!

The final version will be available in all the major stores on December 26, 2020.

Additional scenes will be included, notably the wedding night and what happened on page 72!

Preorder your copy now.

Author’s Note

This serial is an alpha draft, though it has received some line edits by my amazingly talented editor, Aaron at Edited AF. He was super cool when I explained my idea and asked to send him a few chapters at a time. Most editors only want to deal with a finished manuscript.

Any mistakes and typos are entirely mine.