Mene Pin Up Surprise


Mene Shower Pin Up

He looks so surprised! I cannot tell you how deeply amused I am that he’s covering the wrong thing.

Inspired by the following scene:

Steam escaped from the open door of the cleansing room. Mene must be taking a shower. Rosemary had zero intention of peeking, but still caught a glimpse of toned, sculpted purple behind.

Shielding her eyes with a hand, she hustled across the room. A patron in the Tasting Room knocked over a bottle of wine, and now she needed to get a fresh shirt from the dresser. The dresser was nowhere near the cleansing room. Totally innocent. Not that she needed to justify being in her own bedroom in her house. If anything, he needed to apologize for leaving the door open.

Fresh shirt at the ready, Rosemary started to lift the hem of her shirt. She checked in the mirror to make sure she was… Well, alone was the wrong word. Unobserved, perhaps.

Mene stood in the shower, back to her.

He was perfect.

Err, she meant the situation was perfect.

His shoulders flexed and heaved. Rosemary stood mesmerized at the reflecting in the mirror. He couldn’t be doing what she thought he was doing.

He planted one hand on the tiled wall and stroked himself. His hips pumped and his ass moved in a very distinct, unmistakable rhythm.

He was jerking off in the shower.

Transfixed, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Water rolled down his back, forming rivulets that glistened under the artificial lighting. What would he do if she joined him? If she knelt at his feet and took his member in her mouth?

Rosemary licked her lips, the taste of soap and masculine musk already on her tongue.  He’d taste amazing, she just knew. Not too salty, not stale, and not bitter. Perfect. She rocked back on her heels, imagining how his member would fill her mouth and her throat. She’d choke on his dick but swallow every inch until her eyes watered and she moaned with the joy it gave her to have him take his pleasure from her mouth.

He slapped at the wall, hand clenched in a fist, and he groaned out her name. He tossed his head back as he climaxed. The hair plastered against his scalp made his horns seem larger and more intimidating. He said her name again, louder with a possessive edge. “Yes, Rosemary. Just like that.”

Gasping, she stepped back and bumped the dresser with her hip. A glass of water wobbled before ultimately tumbling over. 

“Sugar,” she said and then slapped a hand over her mouth, like it could take back the words.

The water turned off. Mene strode into the room, naked and dripping and so, so delicious, as she mopped up the water with a dirty shirt. “Sorry. I just needed to change shirts. Some clumsy jack off— I mean person, I didn’t see you jacking off— spilled wine on me.”

She blushed hot enough to burst into flames.

He stood there with his hands on his hips and a grin on his face. On full display, his cock, even soft, was a club. Darker, almost plum in color, she couldn’t tear her eyes away. Ridges ran up the side, promising to rub all the right spots. 

She forced her eyes up, taking in the extensive tattoos across his shoulders and chest. They glowed with a silvery light. 

Stars, he was gorgeous. 

“See anything you like?” 

“Just my shirt,” she yelled, randomly opening her dresser and grabbing the first thing on top. She raced out of the room and pressed her back against the closed door, panting. 

She had no idea how she’d manage the rest of the day with that image in her mind. 

Alien Warlord’s Passion, Chapter 11


Alien Warlord’s Passion

She’ll do anything for her son.
Even marry an alien.

Rosemary left Earth to make a better life for her seven-year-old son. She’s got a good job, a nice house, and one minor problem: she needs to marry a Mahdfel warrior if she wants to stay.
Better the devil you know…
She can take her chances and marry a stranger or she can accept an offer from an unlikely candidate: Mene. She doesn’t like him and she thought he didn’t like her. He can barely look at her without snarling. But then again, none of the other warriors are any better.
He might not be handsome…
No female can look Mene in the eye and not flinch. But beneath his scarred face and gruff demeanor is a good man. A man who wants a mate and family.
His warrior’s heart burns for the curvaceous and vibrant human female, but she’s very clear she’s not interested in love.
He’ll show her that his passion is anything but fake.

Stand alone, guaranteed HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers. (I hate those things.)