Outlaw Planet Mates

Could you survive?

Reazus Prime is a hard planet. Once a prison, it was abandoned once the mines dried up and the Overlords could no longer turn a profit off the prisoners. Now it’s a haven for outlaws, pirates, and anyone holding a grudge against authority.

It’s isolated, alone, and the only ships coming are the worst sort. One such ship carrying a cargo of abducted human women, explodes in orbit. A lucky few were ejected in pods, only to crash on the outlaw planet.

Now the race is on to find and claim the human females.

An exciting new multi author series!

Featuring some of the most exciting authors in science fiction romance!

Ava York

Cady Austin

Elin Wyn

Eden Ember

Leslie Chase

Lynnea Lee

Sonia Nova

Nancey Cummings

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