Tattle Tail Now Available

I’m so excited to share Joseph and Peaceable’s story with you. If those names are familiar, yes. This is Marigold’s brother from Tail, Dark and Handsome and Winter’s assistant, Peaceable. It’s a holiday romcom with opposites-attract and fake dating. The perfect combo! Fake Fiancés. Real Complications. Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib. Peaceable […]

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Seeran now in Audio

Now available in all the major stores. START LISTENING Narrated by Logan McAllister. Seeran never lost control. Responsible for the security of his clan and warlord, he couldn’t afford distraction or attachment. Then, on a Terran beach, he stumbled upon a male assaulting a female. The ice that ran through his veins turned to fire. The […]

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Grab Your Alien!

LET’S START THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH SOMETHING REALLY COOL! I finally did something with that art I keep commissioning.  Now you can have your very own lined notebook with your favorite alien heroes! Each notebook is 120 pages and has a few of my favorite quotes from the books sprinkled inside. What hero or […]

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Looking Back at 2021

I feel like 2021 last an entire decade but always happened in a blink. It’s no secret, the year started off rough for me. I struggled with stress, anxiety, and writer burn out. Once I finished Lorran, I wasn’t sure what to do next. My creative gas tank was on empty. So I decided that […]

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SNEAK PEeK at Tattle Tail

Enjoy the first chapter of Tattle Tail! The normal warnings about typos apply. This is an unedited draft and may change. Chapter One  Two Years Ago Peaceable This was not a test, but it very much felt like a test. Peaceable stood in the shade of a large tree, clutching her drink like a lifeline. […]

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Alien’s Challenge is out now!

It’s here! I’m so excited to share Alice and Faris’s story with you. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. One minute Alice was camping, trying to connect with nature, then there’s this blinding white light. Gravity must have quit because Alice and her sleeping bag were floating off the ground. Classic alien abduction. […]

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Warlord’s Baby is now in Audio!

I’m so excited to share the next audiobook in the Warriors of Sangrin series! Logan McAllister continues to narrate the series and he does an amazing job. Start listening! What to expect when you’re expecting an alien’s baby. Mercy has been pregnant for-freaking-ever. She’s tired and grumpy and ready to get this kid out of her. Of […]

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Sneak Peek at Alien’s Challenge

I’m so excited to share my upcoming project with you! Outlaw Planet Mates is a shared world that was once a prison planet but was abandoned when it became unprofitable. Now it’s a haven for outlaws and those on less-than-friendly terms with the law. Check out the series here. Coming November 12th! Pre-order now! Warning: […]

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