Splintered Shadow Sneak Peek

COMING MAY 9th! Enjoy the first chapter of my upcoming book, Splintered Shadow. It’s part of the multi-author series, Shattered Galaxies. Chapter One  Sarah  Another end to a long day.  The silence of the empty apartment greeted Sarah as dumped her bag and keys at the table next to the front door. Working at a […]

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Shattered Galaxies

I’m so excited to spill the beans on my next book! Shattered Galaxies is a multi-author series coming in May. The books are share the same starting point and go across the galaxy! Introduction to Shattered Galaxies When an elite group of scientists cracked the code on a special artificial intelligence, it began to understand […]

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Taming the Rakes

In my end-of-the-year round up, I mentioned a secret project. I signed an NDA, so I couldn’t share. Well, I can share now! I worked on an interactive story for a mobile game called Love and Passion, a historical themed romance game. It launched around the new year and you can play it RIGHT NOW!  […]

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Tattle Tail Now in Audio

Now in audio! Narrated by Jay Alder. Available at all major retailers. Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib. Peaceable needs a man to get her parents off her tail and stop their matchmaking. Desperate, she blurts out a made-up, surprise engagement to the worst, most aggravating man in the galaxy: Joseph Moonquest. Instant. Regret. The […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve got a treat to share. Enjoy this super cute drawing of Joseph and Peaceable. There’s even a gif further down. Art by Abbey Ryan. @AbbeyMacaroni on Twitter. Get caught up on Tail and Claw! Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib. Peaceable needs a man to get her parents off her tail and […]

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I’ve got an exciting announcement! You can now have you own little piece of alien swag! Alien’s Challenge: The Journal is now available. Featuring amazing art by Ruslana Shybinska. Faris and Alice are either being awesome or in the midst of a bad decision. I love it! Grab yours now! 120 lined pages Quotes from […]


Tattle Tail Now Available

I’m so excited to share Joseph and Peaceable’s story with you. If those names are familiar, yes. This is Marigold’s brother from Tail, Dark and Handsome and Winter’s assistant, Peaceable. It’s a holiday romcom with opposites-attract and fake dating. The perfect combo! Fake Fiancés. Real Complications. Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib. Peaceable […]

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Seeran now in Audio

Now available in all the major stores. START LISTENING Narrated by Logan McAllister. Seeran never lost control. Responsible for the security of his clan and warlord, he couldn’t afford distraction or attachment. Then, on a Terran beach, he stumbled upon a male assaulting a female. The ice that ran through his veins turned to fire. The […]

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Grab Your Alien!

LET’S START THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH SOMETHING REALLY COOL! I finally did something with that art I keep commissioning.  Now you can have your very own lined notebook with your favorite alien heroes! Each notebook is 120 pages and has a few of my favorite quotes from the books sprinkled inside. What hero or […]

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