Hunted by Moonlight Chapter 9.5

Author’s Note: Remember when I said let’s pretend there was a dance and stuff happened? Well, I wrote it a last! Sorry for posting out of order. This is one of my bad habits. Chapter 9.5 Solenne A dance before the summer solstice.  It seemed the height of arrogance as those affected by the curse […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Twenty two

Thump. Thump. Thump. Author’s Note: It’s the wedding! Well, the highlights. Everyone knows the reception is where the real action happens. Chapter Twenty Two Solenne It rained the morning of the wedding.  “Cheer up. It’s not an omen,” Luis said, delivering a tray packed with pastries.  Solenne turned away from the window. “I never said […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Twenty

Not everyone is comfortable with the notion of a beast living among them, even a tame beast. Chapter Twenty  Aleksandar  The fever broke the  next day, leaving Solenne weak and listless. The headache lingered, making it impossible to read. Her foot kept her immobile, even though she hobbled about the room and thought she was […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Sixteen

“Alek?” Author’s Note: A long one. Action. Teeth. Chapter Sixteen Solenne The heat lingered well after sunset. Sweat collected in her lower back. No matter how many times Solenne plucked away the fabric, it clung to all her uncomfortable places with determination.  Near full, the moon cast enough light that she could see well enough […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Fifteen

“Darling, you are my dearest friend. You’re very well read on stabbing and poisoning but little else.” Author’s Note: I’m not exactly thrilled with this chapter, but it lays the groundwork for the climax of the story. How’s that for selling the sizzle? I’ve made notes about what I don’t like and will work on […]

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