Blackthorn Chapter 3

Chapter three! This is the second draft of the chapter and I’m happy with how it turned out, although some things may be dialed up for drama in editing. Anyway, unedited. Typos, etc. If you’ve missed the earlier chapters of Blackthorn, you can catch up here. Chapter Three Charlotte Sweetwater Point A thick, wet fog […]

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Blackthorn Chapter Two

At long last, chapter two! The normal warning about this being unedited and typos apply. I’m terrible at spotting them in the wild. I feel like this chapter is a bit slow. There’s necessary character building but it also seem redundant with Charlotte’s scene in chapter one. Well, that’s the danger of the alpha draft. […]

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Alien’s Heart is Out Now!

Alien’s Heart is Here! After much delay, I’m so excited to finally share Miriam and Perrigaul’s story with you. The paperback version is coming. I’m still waiting to get the cover back from the designer. A FORMER PRISON PLANET IS NO PLACE FOR A SOFT HEART. Perrigaul’s a survivor. He’s also a thief, a con artist, and very […]

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Blackthorn Chapter One

The first chapter is notoriously difficult for me. I sort of stumble around, trying to figure out the characters and what the book wants to be. So, with all that said, I like Charlotte’s first scene. It’s funnier than I expected. And Draven is a touch more murdery than I anticipated. This is an unedited […]

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Black Thorn Prologue II

More prologue! This is mostly a rehash of Wolf’s Bane epilogue, because it’s been a hot minute. The usual warnign about typos apply. Prologue Charlotte Boxon Vervain Hall It had been one year and a day since Charlotte buried her husband.  As chance had it, that was also the day Luis and Miles returned from […]

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BlackThorn Prologue

Today is the first installed of a new serial. Blackthorn follows the events in Wolf’s Bane. How often will it publish? I don’t know. I’ll put up new chapters as I finish them. About Blackthorn The monster’s widow and the monster.  Alone for too long, the vampire Draven feels the last of his humanity slipping […]

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Blackthorn Serial

I’m starting a new serial! Blackthorn follows the events of Wolf’s Bane, so now is the perfect time to catch up. And I must warn you that this will be unedited and things will change before the final version is released. About Blackthorn The monster’s widow and the monster.  Alone for too long, the vampire […]

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Caldar is out now!

Caldar is out now! And he has a BRAND NEW EPILOGUE. Amazon was the fasted getting the book published. Caldar is making his way to Kobo, B&N, Scribd, and all the other stores. Art by Onorheona. I just love the look of delight on Caldar’s face. Sonia looks like she’s ready to give him a […]

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Alien’s Heart Sneak PeEK

It’s time to share the first chapter of Alien’s Heart! I’ve had soem set-backs with catching covid, but I’m recovering and should be able to wrap up this book very, very soon. I could have cried frustation when I got sick. I was 2 chapters from the end! The normal warnings about typoes and things […]

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