Lorran Chapter Two

I’m sharing another chapter of Lorran. Preorder your copy today! Chapter Two Wyn “Oh, goody. The patriarchy.” Sonia stood in the front door, her arm braced against the doorframe. A profoundly serious soldier stood on the other side, not impressed with Sonia’s attitude. “It must be someone’s birthday,” she said dryly. “It’s my birthday!” Wyn […]

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Mylomon is now in Audio

Now available in audio! Narrated by the amazing Logan McAllister. He’s an abomination. The lone survivor of a horrific experiment, warrior Mylomon was left with unique and dangerous abilities. He takes care of the necessary dirty work for his clan but he’s yet to earn their trust. After all, how can you trust an assassin? Now that […]

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Lorran Chapter One Sneak Peek

Today I’m sharing the first chapter of Lorran. It’s a big, juicy one with nearly 6000 words. The normal warnings about typos and things changing apply. (I’m still not happy with Lorran’s section.) Let me know what you think! I wanna skip this and go straight to chapter 2! Chapter One Wyn She’d do it […]

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Kalen is now in Audio

Now available in audio! Narrated by the amazing Logan McAllister. Sent on a mission to backwards Earth, alien physician Kalen never expected to find his destined mate. Meridan’s alluring scent, soft curves and the fire in her spirit call to him the way no female ever has. She is his destined mate. He’s certain of that. […]

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2020 Year in Review

We did it! We made it through all eleventy billion days of 2020. I’m so glad to see the back of this year and only a little anxious about what shenanigans 2021 has in store. (Please be chill, 2021. Please.)  In 2019, I wrote 251,200 words over 4 books. In 2020, I wrote… wait for […]

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Now in Audio

 NOW IN AUDIO  Audible US http://tiny.cc/2n27tz Audible UK http://tiny.cc/5n27tz Amazon US http://tiny.cc/8n27tz Mari has terrible taste in men. Her ex-fiancé? Left her at the altar and ran off with her money. And now she’s mixed up with the reclusive mega-rich, mega-hot alien, Winter Cayne. That doesn’t sound so bad. Only rumor claims Winter murdered his first wife. Mari […]

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Once More

Once More: A Warlord Brides Short Story Starr Huntress & Nancey Cummings Author’s Note: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas ran through my head the entire time I wrote this. Half the story is very fluffy, the other half a bit more serious. The whole thing is very baby-centric with a generous helping of missing […]

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Order Signed Paperbacks!

Abduct Me SFR Con I’m so excited for this! A FREE Virtual Book Signing Event with all your favorite Science Fiction Romance Authors!!! Live Signings, Giveaways, Q&A’s, and much more! Grab your favorite PJs, a glass of wine or hot tea, and come hang out with us! Event dates: February 5th, 6th, and 7th 2021 […]

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Paax is now in audio!

I’m so excited! You won’t believe how great a job Logan McAllister does! His voice is amazing. The book is short, just under 3 hours, so it’s perfect for an afternoon’s listening. This is first book in the series and plans are in the works for Kalen, Mylomon and Vox to be given the audio […]

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