Havik Sneak Peek

Coming June 5th Chapter One Thalia  Three Years Ago Lie down with dogs, you get fleas.  Never wound a snake, kill it. Believe people when they show you who they are.  Thalia’s mother had a hundred old sayings for any situation, mostly about not being surprised when the dumb things Thalia did came back to […]

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How to Boil Water

How to Boil Water A Slice of Life Short: Jaxar & Van Starr Huntress Nancey Cummings Copyright February 2020 Nancey Cummings Vanessa “While common Terran wisdom says a watched pot never boils, it most certainly does,” Jaxar said, filling a pot with water. “Come on. You know you wanna.” Van pressed the recipe card against […]

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The pre order for Jaxar is now available! Coming February 28th. https://books2read.com/Jaxar Once bitten, twice shy. Vanessa knows what aliens want–babies– and she’s not having it. She’ll change her name, changer her ID information, and hunker down on a miserable moon on the far side of the galaxy before she gets matched to another Mahdfel […]

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Cyber Monday Sale

Treat yourself to some sweet holiday sizzle, alien style. Three great books, on sale for a limited time. Snowed in with the Alien Warlord Alien Warlord’s Miracle Taken for Granite

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A Taste of What’s Coming

Let’s take a peek at my current work in progress, Alien Reindeer’s Bounty (that title may change). This is a holiday story featuring a single mom and second chances. The book will be published in November.     “Dessa, wake up.” Cool breath blew across her face, tickling her nose.  “Stop it,” she said, refusing […]

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