It’s almost time for gargoyles!

      The Khargals of Duras Story A thousand years ago, a Khargal scouting party left Duras, only to crash on a primitive planet called Earth. Injured and outnumbered, the stranded Khargals hid among stone effigies and observed the slow evolution of the planet’s primitive inhabitants. With no means of returning to Duras, they […]

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Alien Warlord’s Miracle

Available Now!     An alien warrior falls back in time. Under attack, Reven, crashes through a collapsing wormhole. While he’s technically in the correct location, he’s lost — arriving centuries too early. Surrounded by primitive technology and even more primitive humans, he must fight to stay alive and find a way home before […]

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Sneak Peek at Reven, Chapter One

It’s the entire chapter, both Reven and Elizabeth’s point-of-views. The usual warnings about typos and things changing applies. Eliza’s name has already changed a few time, to be honest.   Reven will be available Mid-November, as part of the Winter Starr series with Starr Huntress.   Chapter One Reven   The control panel flashed in […]

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