Havik now available

https://books2read.com/Havik AVAILABLE IN ALL THE MAJOR STORES Apple Kobo Barnes & Noble Google Play Betrayed and sold at auction, Thalia is a long way from home. When she’s given the opportunity to bring those who abducted her to justice, she’s all in. One problem. Her alien partner hates humans, and he really hates her. Too bad for him that […]

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First Date

I started work on the next book in the Tail and Claw series. I don’t have much to share right now but this short story will introduce a new character you’ll see a lot more of. This has not been professionally edited and, honestly, I suck at spotting typos. The usual warnings of typos apply. […]

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The Study Date Stratagem

To celebrate the release of Snowed in With the Alien Warlord, I wrote a slice of life short story to visit Penny and Kol one year later into their Happily Ever After. Is life as newlyweds as perfect as promised or are there some bumps along the way? After the story, keep scrolling for an […]

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Now available in audio

I can not wait for you to hear how great Logan McAllister is. Chills, you guys. Honest to goodness chills. Audible Amazon Apple You can’t trust an alien. Penny is having the worst year. First, the pretty lizard aliens show up and start murdering people. Then, the “good aliens” arrive and claim they’ll defend Earth […]

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Havik Sneak Peek

Coming June 5th Chapter One Thalia  Three Years Ago Lie down with dogs, you get fleas.  Never wound a snake, kill it. Believe people when they show you who they are.  Thalia’s mother had a hundred old sayings for any situation, mostly about not being surprised when the dumb things Thalia did came back to […]

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How to Boil Water

How to Boil Water A Slice of Life Short: Jaxar & Van Starr Huntress Nancey Cummings Copyright February 2020 Nancey Cummings Vanessa “While common Terran wisdom says a watched pot never boils, it most certainly does,” Jaxar said, filling a pot with water. “Come on. You know you wanna.” Van pressed the recipe card against […]

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The pre order for Jaxar is now available! Coming February 28th. https://books2read.com/Jaxar Once bitten, twice shy. Vanessa knows what aliens want–babies– and she’s not having it. She’ll change her name, changer her ID information, and hunker down on a miserable moon on the far side of the galaxy before she gets matched to another Mahdfel […]

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Cyber Monday Sale

Treat yourself to some sweet holiday sizzle, alien style. Three great books, on sale for a limited time. Snowed in with the Alien Warlord Alien Warlord’s Miracle Taken for Granite

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