Shattered Galaxies

A multi-author collaboration!

Introduction to Shattered Galaxies

When an elite group of scientists cracked the code on a special artificial intelligence, it began to understand emotion and the mechanics to maintain itself. An A.I. as close to a human as humanly possible.

It was a mistake.

With unmeasured reach, it searched for other lifeforms, hoping to expand its knowledge about the universe beyond the boundaries its creators established.

The scientists shut it down before it could spiral into something they couldn’t stop. The group went silent, shutting themselves off from the public as they set out to rebuild, hoping to regain control over their greatest creation.

The world moved on, the possibility of a special A.I. once more reserved for science fiction.

Until, a year later, it all went wrong.

Featured Authors in the Shattered Galaxies collab series.

Ava Ross

Jade Waltz

Samantha Rose

Poppy Rhys

Harpie Alexa

Liz Paffel

Erin Reagan

Nancey Cummings

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