Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Five

“Solenne, he reminded himself. No one else. That knowledge pleased the bestial part of his nature.” Author’s Note This is a long one. Enjoy. Chapter Five – Aleksandar   The horses gave a startled cry and the carriage lurched precariously to one side. Wood groaned and Alek shifted to the far side to act as […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Three

Author’s Note This is a nice and long chapter to sink your teeth into. “It’s background noise, mostly, except on a full moon.” Chapter Three – Solenne The iron key rattled as Solenne shimmied it into place. The locking mechanism groaned in protest as she turned the old key and pushed the door open. At […]

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Hunted by Moonlight Chapter Two

“She had been his friend then, but it is easy to have friends when you have a handsome face.” Chapter Two – Aleksandar Embers grew cold in the grate and the lights dimmed. Rain pounded against the window. The room, once elegant, lay in tatters. Great gashes tore into the wallpaper and plaster. Furniture lay […]

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